Stephen R. Burks

Career Objective

Seeking a technical consulting position in a successful growth-oriented company which will allow me to utilize my extensive Polyurethane ( PU ) chemistry, formulation and processing expertise along with my proven customer interface skills to help your company be more successful.  A strong desire to assist your company to meet goals and objectives as a technical leader and mentor to a project team for a company that wants to be the world’s best in their chosen field.


  • Self-motivated, commitment, integrity, intensity, teamwork and leadership qualities
  • Over 38 years of experience with the manufacturing, formulating, blending, processing and testing of polyurethane polymers and systems
  • Expert in the basic raw material building blocks for PU polymers including polyols ( polyether, polyester, green and renewable ), copolymer polyols, catalysts, surfactants, cross linkers, chain extenders, additives, isocyanates ( TDI, PMDI, Pre-Polymers ) and a variety of blowing agents
  • Can quickly invent / develop & transfer new PU technology into commercial value
  • Utilizes Design of Experiments to yield data driven low cost / superior solutions
  • MAIC Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader
  • Excellent presentation and customer interaction skills
  • Seasoned traveler to customer plants globally
  • Recognized industry expert in automotive interior PU formulations, processing & equipment
  • Proven track record of innovation and value creation
  • Expert in polyurethane formulation chemistry for a multiplicity of applications
  • Expert in polyol blending operations / prepolymer synthesis
  • Strong knowledge of polyol and isocyanate manufacturing processes
  • Proven expert for quickly assessing processing issues, root cause analysis and implementing countermeasures to reduce scrap and repair rates on production lines
  • Knowledgeable concerning the open cell and closed cell PU spray foam process for headliners and insulation
  • Expert in closed pour PU processing with leadership in foam flow analysis for this process
  • Expert in open pour processing for PU applications including robotic pour patterns
  • Knowledgeable concerning the PU rigid box foaming process for headliners & hood liners
  • Expert in PU formulations and processing for both FOS and FIP HdR and AR applications
  • Knowledgeable on processing for PU rigid foams for appliance applications
  • Expertise in the development of Composite PU Wood formulations and processing

Professional Experience